Using Surveys

Surveys Will Help You Gain a Competitive Edge

For effective marketing be recognized as an “Authority Source”.Publishing industry specific surveys represents a great marketing tool. Here are some ideas to consider. Marketing Become an “Authority Source”.

Publish an industry specific survey about a market segment  you sell products or services. Both online and print media will publish creditable surveys. For example,

  • Small Businesses fear more cyber attacks: Over 55% of businesses surveyed indicated they are concerned about hacker attacks. An independent survey sponsored by ABC Technology.
  • Pet owners are increasing spending despite poor economic times: Over 82% of dog and cat owners say they have spent more this year on pets than last year. An independent survey sponsored by US Mutual Insurance.
  • Insurance brokers report concern about increasing professional liability lawsuits: Over 52% of retail insurance brokers indicated that frequency and severity of lawsuits are increasing this year. An independent survey sponsored by ABC Brokerage.
  Business Intelligence

What are your relative strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace. A small strategic markt research investment is a good value for decision making.

  • Are you gaining or losing market share? Why?
  • Do you need to know more about your customers? What do they want?
  • Are you under-pricing or over-pricing for products and services?

Purchase – You can start an original survey or poll or even buy and license an existing survey or poll.

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction surveys and ratings can be provided for both companies and also individuals. Previous client satisfaction is one step in being considered for the next assignment.