PR & Distribution

Video Syndication

Once a video is produced the next step is distribution. In addition, to posting the video on your website we offer syndication to your target markets.

Target marketing involves distribution to:

  • Insurance media, such as Business Insurance, Insurance Journal, etc.
  • Business media, such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, etc.
  • National/Regional media by geography.
  • Industry segments you choose, such as healthcare, construction, financial institutions, etc.

Press Release Cost

The cost of a press release to several hundred news services and blogs is $250.

Typical Features of a Press Release

We can also handle actual press release. The standard press release format includes the following:

  • Headline: Summary of news release.
  • Subhead (optional): Secondary statement of importance.
  • Dateline: City and date of release.
  • Lead: Basic first paragraph of announcement and facts.
  • Lead: Basic first paragraph of announcement and facts.
  • Body: Additional information and further details.
  • Background: Company or organization.
  • Source: Company issuing the release.
  • Media information: Who to contact.


Make a press release noteworthy, such as:

  • New Staff Announcements.
  • Eight Things to Know About Professional Liability.
  • Avoiding Construction Defect Claims.
  • Etc.