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Market Research Services

Our customer satisfaction surveys and ratings are accurate and reliable and are conducted by independent market research by Business Data Logic. Many surveys are completed with a 5% margin of error and 95% confidence. Customer satisfaction surveys follow strict CASRO industry rating standards – and are an assurance of quality and reliability.

Market Research Can Define Insurance and Business Opportunities

Customer Satisfaction:

An independent and verified customer satisfaction rating can establish an accurate profile of products or services to customers, prevent spreading of false or malicious rumors, increase buyer confidence, and generate more sales. Both national or local businesses can qualify.

Market Research Standards:

Market research is done in accordance with CASRO industry research standards. Surveys are conducted in compliance with HIPAA and other federal state and local laws regarding client/patient confidentially.

We do not rely on online forums or polls from unknown people. Both opinions and recommendation from unknown sources are unreliable and may be biased. Unless documented these comments are often "very favorable" [from friends] or "highly negative" [from competitors]. Unfortunately, the negative posting may substantially hurt business sales.

Demonstrate customer satisfaction in your business to potential clients.

Customer Contact and Confidentiality:

There are three steps for customer/clients completing a survey to be accurate and reliable. You prepare a certified customer/client list, which responses we use for a statistical survey.

  1. You contact all customer/clients with survey information. We provide a link to the survey.
  2. We choose a random or a complete sample from survey responses to calculate survey responses.
  3. You do not disclose names to us. Respondents do not indicate names on the survey.

NOTE: We do not publish survey results without your permission. Survey results can be used for a period of two years. You receive full survey results for each question. However, respondent names are kept confidential.


Client Satisfaction

Professionals, such as interior designers, appraisers, market researchers and others need verification of experience and qualifications for successful new business development. Previous client satisfaction is one step in being considered for the next assignment.

An independent and verified “Professional Services Client Satisfaction” survey is available from Business Data Logic starting at only $95.00.

Do you qualify for a “Highly Recommended” rating? Find out.


The survey results you receive are confidential. We do not publish results without permission. If you qualify for a “Highly Recommended” rating or “Recommended” rating you can license (optional) the rating for business/marketing purposes for a two year period for only $395.00.

Sample Surveys:

  • John Doe is a “Highly Recommended” and is recognized by existing clients as providing “Excellent Market Research Services” in an independent survey by Business Data Logic.

  • Jane Doe is “Highly Recommended” and is recognized by existing clients as providing “Excellent Interior Design Services” in an independent survey by Business Data Logic..

  • In an independent survey by Business Data Logic over 95% of actual clients indicated they would recommend John Doe of Sample Firm for Art Appraisal Services to a friend or a business associate.

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