Insurance Research & Surveys

Market Research Can help Insurance Companies and Brokers Define Market Opportunities.

Client Satisfaction:

An independent and verified customer (insured) satisfaction rating can establish an accurate profile of insurance to customers, prevent spreading of false or malicious rumors, increase buyer confidence, and generate more sales.

Market Demand:

Market research reports and surveys can document market demand and preferences for products and services

Competitor Analysis:

Independent customer surveys and analysis can help companies determine "relative strengths and weaknesses" of their products among buyers.

Executive Recruitment:

Market research can help find qualified candidates for middle and senior level positions.

Research Panels:

Our industry research panels are available to conduct specific market research and underwriting projects.

  Sample Independent Insurance Surveys:

Cyber Insurance: Over 50% of small businesses are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Business: In an independent survey by Business Data the demand for product [specify product] was growing at over 40% per year.

Professional Liability Insurance: In an independent survey by Business Data  over 96% of actual insured law firms indicated they were "Very Satisfied" with professional liability insurance from ABC Insurance Company.

Insurance Agency: In an independent survey by Business Data logic over 96% of actual clients indicated they would recommend ABC Insurance Agency to a friend, family member or business associate.

Retail Agent/Broker: In an independent survey by Business Data logic nine out of ten of actual clients indicated they rated John Smith as “Excellent” in providing insurance services.