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Business Market Research

Business Data Logic prepares “Business Research” and “Client Satisfaction” reports and surveys for companies and individuals. We sponsor industry response panels for strategy, market information and product development. See “Business Research” on menu.

Satisfaction Rating – The Boston Globe reported that “researchers estimate that up to one-third of online reviews are phony.” Unfortunately, fake online reviews are prevalent.

Referrals are a Proven Way to Grow Your Business – We provide both company and individual client satisfaction surveys. Our Independent customer satisfaction surveys and ratings are a “gold standard” for creditability, accuracy and reliability. Read More.

Client Satisfaction Surveys and Ratings

We live in a busy world and decisions must be made in quick time. To make the cut for new business consideration you need to provide prospective clients with a fast approval tool of your qualifications from unbiased sources. Testimonials? – Not believable. Everyone can provide good references, even Bernie Madoff and Al Capone. Avoid conflicts of interest and become educated about the importance of documented client satisfaction surveys and ratings for your business.

Accurate and Reliable: Business Data Logic follows CASRO market research industry standards. Most surveys are completed with a 5% margin of error and a 95% confidence level. See “Type of Surveys” on Menu. Learn More.

How to Use Surveys and Ratings

Do You Qualify? Our Individual Client/Patient Satisfaction surveys enable professionals to independently and accurately document client or patient satisfaction and establish confidence and be eligible (ff qualified) for a “Highly Recommended” Client or Patient Satisfaction rating.

Industry Recognition: Individuals who qualify for “Highly Recommended” achievement for professional services in their field are featured in press releases and both online and print media and publishing as “People to Know”. Individual client satisfaction surveys and ratings start at only $95. Learn More.

Professional Liability Insurance: Protect your business with Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance. We offer an online quotation and preferred rate for qualifying professionals with a “Highly Recommended” client satisfaction rating. More Info.